Meet Audrey Sims, a motion designer whose creativity is so wild, she once animated a dancing pizza... Audrey is based in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, where she's always cooking up fresh ideas and predominately working remotely, Audrey is constantly pushing the boundaries of her craft, honing her skills, and experimenting with new techniques to create truly captivating motion graphics.
Audrey is a dynamic motion designer who enjoys working with creative individuals that share her passion for design and animation. Her collaborative approach, infectious energy, and down-to-earth attitude make her a joy to work with. Whether exploring new visual styles, brainstorming ideas, or just having a good time with her team, Audrey delivers exceptional results while keeping things enjoyable.
If you're looking for a motion designer who's all about taking your project to the next level with stunning visuals and a positive attitude, look no further than Audrey Sims!
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